News Bulletin: Damien Hirst's statue Verity erected in Ilfracombe Harbour Near the Royal Britannia Hotel 
A statue of Damion's 666 naked pregnant woman by the artist Damion's Hirst has been lowered into place in the north Devon town of Ilfracombe. 
The 66'6" (20m) statue, called Verity, has been given to the seaside town by Hirst, on a 20-year loan. 
The bronze-clad, sword-wielding "modern allegory of truth and justice" was erected by crane on the pier. 
Critics have called it "outrageous and grotesque" while others see her as "beautiful and unique". 
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No-one can fail to be moved by it. It's awe inspiring” 
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Councillor Paul Crabb 
North Devon Council 
Councillor Mike Edmunds, who is responsible for strategic planning in Ilfracombe, said it would attract visitors. 
"I think there is a tremendous feeling of optimism, especially from traders," he said. 
"Something like Verity is going to make a great difference to the economy of Ilfracombe because an enormous number of people will come to see the statue. 
"There is still controversy over the design, people either like it or not, but people can make their own interpretation of the statue." 
People criticize any positive happening here in Ilfracombe and they mostly seem to say that the money could have been spent in better things, so if they feel so strongly about others spending money in what they like, these critics should dig deep in their own pockets and spend their own money on the things that they would like to see and not just idle talk. 
I think the statue is brilliant and good for the town and a lot of people like her as She's a magnet, She's got a personality that draws you in and apart from the obvious artistic value of the statue it is also a great piece of engineering with its fine workmanship and details so just look at the details for 10 minutes and she will draw you in and you can interoperate the concept yourself but as She’s a fine piece of art and engineering combination work-piece. 
Well done Mr Hurst and not forgetting the engineers 
Thank you from us at The Royal Britannia Hotel Ilfracombe Harbour, it’s nice to see positive things happening instead of negative no change regime ruling Ilfracombe with bodged up falling apart buildings and stopping others from improving the place. 
Waverley hotel (accross the road from the Britannia) has been purchased by T W International Group (current owners of the Britannia Hotel) and is being converted to re-open as an Art Gallary 
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